Pair of 19th Century French Haussmannian Wooden Doors with Molded Panels

A pair of French Haussmannian wooden doors from the 19th century. This pair of French doors features the typical Haussmannian structure, made of three panels with raised molding 'à grand cadre'. The central molded panel, larger in size, is surrounded by two smaller ones, creating a sober yet elegant ensemble. Baron Haussmann is famous for his undertaking on the renovation of Paris under the reign of Emperor Napoleon III, creating the grand boulevards and giving the face of the Parisian buildings we know so very well. His vision was one of simplicity and harmony, which places these doors perfectly in line with his style. Set anywhere in a home, this pair of 19th century French doors will bring an undeniable touch of elegance.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 54"W x 91"H
Inventory Number: CW2
Price: $4,950