French Mid-18th Century Transition Painted Armoire with Floral Carved Cornice

A French Transition period painted marriage armoire with floral carved cornice and doors from the mid-18th century. Delicately painted with goldenrod accents, this French armoire features an exquisite bouquet of flowers carving in the cornice, flanked with foliage motifs running along the rail. The two doors below are organized around a central textured beam, creating a visually symmetrical façade. The décor balances negative space made of the simply recessed panels, alternating with the exquisite carvings that depict on each side a bird nested on a couple of branches. The fluted sides posts that are bracing the armoire, highlight the verticality of the piece and link the various parts to each other. The doors open to reveal four inner shelves that offer great storage opportunities. Witnessing the French tradition of offering armoires as wedding gifts, this piece was born in the mid 18th century and crafted in the Transition style, which saw the evolution between the Louis XV to Louis XVI era. With its clean, serene lines, highlighted by a lovely carved décor, this French painted armoire will bring a refined elegance to any room, perhaps in a bedroom or living room.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 63 3/4"W x 24 1/2"D x 87 1/4"H
Inventory Number: EE116
Price: $13,950