Piazza Senorina, Don Hatfield Oil on Canvas Painting Depicting Florence, Italy

'Piazza Senorina' is a framed contemporary figurative oil painting created by American artist Don Hatfield (1947 - Present). Featuring a colorful palette mostly made of orange, purple, green, beige and yellow tones, the painting depicts one of the most stunning areas of Italy, the Piazza della Signoria in Florence. The antique presence of the Palazzo Vecchio, accented by the vertical figure of the marble statue of Neptune surrounded by its bronze sea horses, serves as a perfect backdrop for the scene. The artist actually chose to depict the lively touristic activity of the Tuscan city. The purple and orange colors, coming diagonally from the right, reveal that the artist set up during the golden hour, while the sun was setting. Carriage owners are patiently waiting for clients to hire them, while a gentleman is touchingly squatting to talk to a child. Set inside an elegant wooden frame, this American oil on canvas painting is signed lower right. Don was born on May 16, 1947 in Long Beach, California. He did not always dream of being an artist. He studied philosophy, theology, and literature. It was not until he met the well-known portraitist, Charles Cross, that he really began to explore his talents as a painter. Cross was impressed with Don's "innate color sense" that was displayed in the soft pastel colors of his oil paintings. Cross encouraged Don to pursue his talents by becoming his protégé.
Place of Origin: United States
Period: 21th Century
Dimensions: 53.25"W x 41"D
Inventory Number: RR112
Price: $6,950