SOLD - French 1890s Oil on Canvas Painting from Aix-en-Provence Depicting a Hamlet

A French late 19th century oil on canvas landscape painting from Aix-en-Provence depicting a country town. Born in Southern France during the 1890s, this French unframed oil on canvas painting features a humble hamlet standing out beautifully on a blue sky, adorned with fluffy clouds. The center of the composition is marked with a country house seen from the side and presenting its slanted roof to us. A dirt path seems to connect us to the grouping of houses and invites us in. The painting is highlighted with the green accents of the foliage and trees. Unframed, this painting from Aix-en-Provence circa 1890 will bring a touch of relaxed elegance to any home, whether placed above a small size table, or on an easel on a chest-of-drawers.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 18.25" W x .75" D x 15" H
Inventory Number: RR30
Price: $695