Small French 19th Century Oil on Canvas Painting Depicting a Village in Brittany

A small French framed oil on canvas painting from the late 19th century, depicting a village in Brittany and signed by artist M. Tangui. Born during the ever-changing 19th century, this charming oil painting depicts an everyday village scene, taking place in the magnificent region of Western France, Brittany. A few villagers are walking the calm street of a humble town, the white façades of the houses accentuated by their slanted roofs, typical of Brittany. A tall turret creates a focal point that draws us in and invites us to discover this peaceful scene. The blue sky in the background and shadows cast on the ground suggest a glorious, sunny day. The facture is reminiscent of the Impressionist technique with its short and thick strokes of paint. Set inside a carved wooden frame, this late 19th century oil on canvas painting is signed M. Tangui lower right.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 14.25 W x 18 H x 2.5" D
Inventory Number: RR37
Price: $695