French 19th Century Six-Light Grey Painted Wooden Chandelier with Carved Decor

A French painted wood six-light chandelier with exceptional carving from the late 19th century. This French wooden chandelier features a central carved column, with Baroque style volutes surrounding a fluted section. Six exquisitely carved arms stem from the central part, evolving from c-scrolls into s-scrolls. They are adorned with delicate rosettes, acanthus leaves and an etched latticed background in some parts. The beaded wooden bobèches carry the candle sleeves. To punctuate this perfect harmony, a carved finial decorates the lower section of the chandelier. The soft light grey color, refined ornaments and perfect proportions make this French painted chandelier, circa 1890 an excellent choice for any living room, dining room or bedroom.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 29"W x 30 1/2"H
Inventory Number: S52
Price: $4,950