Pair of Italian 18th Century Silver Candlesticks with Gilt Star and Waterleaves

A pair of Italian 18th century tall silver gilt candlesticks prickets with waterleaf motifs and gold gilt star. Born in Italy during the 18th century, each of this exquisite pair of silver gilt candlesticks features a hand carved stem, adorned with delicate waterleaves that create a subtle yet elegant accentuation that attracts and leads our eye throughout the piece. Each piece is raised on a tripod base, whose concave lines contrast beautifully with the curvature of the stem, and are decorated with a lovely gold gilt star in the front. The lion paw feet on which the candlesticks rest, give a perfect visual conclusion to the ensemble. With their tall proportions, lovely silver finish and classical décor, these 18th century Italian candlesticks prickets will be lovely additions to any home, perhaps placed atop a commode, pair of demilune tables or buffet.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 36"H x W 9.75 x D 8.5
Inventory Number: AA81
Price: $3,950