19th Century French Aubusson Tapestry Pillow with Foliage and Petite Tassels

A French Aubusson tapestry pillow from the 19th century, with foliage decor and petite tassels. We currently have two available, priced and sold $650 each. Created in the Aubusson tapestry manufacture located in central France during the 19th century, this horizontal pillow features a light-colored scrolling foliage standing out beautifully on a red (or light brown, depending on the pillow), ground. Surrounded by petite tassels, this French 19th century Aubusson pillow will brighten up any sofa, canapé or settee.
Place of Origin: France
Dimensions: 18" W x 12" H x 6.5" D
Inventory Number: BB7GG
Price: $995 (Each)