French 1810s Carved Oak Buffet à Deux-Corps from the Picardie Region of France

An early 19th century French carved oak buffet à deux-corps from the Picardie region of France. This tall French two-piece cabinet was born in the first decade of the 19th century in the Northern region of Picardie, under the reign of Emperor Napoleon I. The lines however, are reminiscent of the style of the Ancien Regime, particularly the transition between King Louis XV to XVI. A large cornice overhangs a Neoclassical fasce frieze, beautifully echoed on the side posts. The eye catching doors are beautifully carved with recessed panels, adorned on two levels with hanging bouquets of flowers, framed inside cartouche-shaped outlines. These doors open to reveal four inner shelves. This upper cabinet is narrower than the lower one on which it is sitting. The lower portion of the cabinet is made of two drawers adorned with exquisite hardware and elaborate scoop style motifs, sitting above a set of small double doors whose carved décor is reprised from the top. The lovely valanced skirt is decorated with floral and foliage motifs, running along the rail and gently leading the eye to the scrolled feet on which the piece is raised. The elegant silhouette, delicate carved décor and wonderful patina make this Picard buffet à deux-corps circa 1810 a majestic choice for any living room or bedroom.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 53.5"W x 25"D x 101 1/2"H (top is 18 1/2"D)
Inventory Number: BLD52
Price: $10,950