Victorian Floral Prints from The Museum of Flowers by Mary Elizabeth Rosenberg

English Victorian period floral prints from "The Museum of Flowers" by Mary Elizabeth Rosenberg, circa 1845, in custom giltwood frames under glass. Introducing a captivating collection of English Victorian period floral prints, meticulously derived from "The Museum of Flowers" by the renowned Mary Elizabeth Rosenberg, circa 1845. Each print is a botanical masterpiece, exquisitely showcased in custom giltwood frames under protective glass, ensuring their preservation and display in the utmost elegance. This collection comprises a total of 12 prints, each available for individual purchase, allowing for personalized selection to suit varied tastes and preferences. Of the 12, ten prints are gracefully presented in rectangular frames, measuring 15.75"W x 18.4"H x 1.1"D, while the remaining two are uniquely framed in a square format, measuring 17.75"W x 19.4"H, offering a delightful variation and visual interest. The floral subjects are rendered with exceptional detail and vibrancy, capturing the essence and beauty of each blossom and leaf. The prints exude a timeless charm and a connection to the natural world, making them a perfect addition to any interior space seeking a touch of Victorian elegance and botanical grace. Priced and sold individually, these prints offer flexibility in acquisition, with the added incentive of a more advantageous price for larger purchases. This makes the collection accessible for both the discerning collector seeking to acquire multiple pieces, as well as the individual looking to add a single, stunning work of art to their space.
Place of Origin: England
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 15.75"W x 18.4"H x 1.1"D. 2 Square frames measure 17.75"W x 19.4"H
Inventory Number: BLD616
Price: $695 (Each)