View of High Street Birmingham, 1810s Framed Lithograph Signed T. Hollins

A framed Georgian period lithograph titled "A View of High Street, Birmingham" from the early 19th century, signed T. Hollins. Born in England during the early years of the 19th century, this lovely horizontal format lithograph features a serene scene depicting passerbys walking along the town square, accentuated by the presence of the statue of Horatio Nelson and the tall steeple of Saint Martin church. The colorful accents created by the characters' clothes and carriage, lead our eye throughout the composition. Set inside a silver gilt frame and secured under glass, this Georgian lithograph is signed T. Hollins and dated circa 1812. Placed anywhere on a wall, it will bring a sense of tradition to any home décor.
Place of Origin: England
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 41.25"W x 32.75"
Inventory Number: BLD70
Price: $445