French 1890s Decorative Majolica Wagon with Barbotine Décor of Pastel Flowers

A French Majolica decorative wagon from the late 19th century, with barbotine décor of applied flowers. Born in France during the Belle-Époque era, this charming decorative object depicts a wagon (a charette in French), raised on two large wheels. Adorned with an exquisite décor of applied pastel flowers made of pink and purple tones, and hand-painted with additional flowers in the back, this French object circa 1890 touches our hearts with its humble yet delicate subject, making it a great decorative addition to any living room or bedroom.
Place of Origin: French
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 16" W x 7" D x 8" H
Inventory Number: BLD73
Price: $1,295