SOLD - French Framed and Signed Oil on Canvas Still-Life Painting with Fruits and Honey

SOLD - A French framed oil on canvas still-life painting from the 19th century, with prunes, honey, bottles and jars. Born in France during the politically dynamic 19th century, this exquisite still-life of horizontal format features a carefully organized arrangement of mouth-watering prunes displayed in a bowl, surrounded by a water pitcher, a wine bottle, a green glazed jar and honey. Displayed on a dark background allowing the subject to stand out beautifully, the objects receive a frontal lighting that creates a strong contrast. Set inside an elegant giltwood frame, the painting is signed lower left. With its nice proportions and skillful execution, this French 19th century oil painting will enliven any wall beautifully.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 31"W x 26"H
Inventory Number: CC61
Price: $5,950