English 20th Century Silver Plated Potpourri Decorative Bowl with Openwork Top

An English silver plated potpourri decorative bowl from the 20th century, with scalloped top, openwork design, lateral ring pulls and oxidized patina. Created in England during the 20th century, this charming potpourri bowl features elegant scalloped lines at the top, leading our eyes to the openwork motifs adorning the upper section, made of coin-stacked style patterns followed by scrolling foliage. The lower section tapers down to come and rest on a petite circular base. The potpourri showcases soft pastel colors complimenting the silver tones beautifully. Boasting a nicely oxidized patina, the bowl is flanked with lateral ring pulls allowing the piece to be moved more easily, and is accented with petite rosettes separating the openwork sections from one another. With its delicate lines and lovely décor, this English silver plated potpourri decorative bowl from the 20th century will make for a charming addition to any home décor, perhaps displayed atop a commode, buffet or side table!.
Place of Origin:
Dimensions: 14.2"W x 10.25"D x 8.0"H
Inventory Number: GA52
Price: $250