19th Century English Pine and Faux Bamboo Drum Table with Inner Metal Basin

An English pine drum table from the 19th century with removable circular top, metal basin inside and four faux bamboo legs. This 19th-century English pine drum table is a delightful blend of functionality and rustic charm. Its removable circular top reveals a metal basin inside, making it a versatile piece for various settings in your home. The warm, natural tones of the pine wood lend a cozy and inviting feel to any room. The table's faux bamboo legs add a touch of eclectic character, making it a unique conversation starter. Practically, this piece can serve as an excellent side table or an occasional table in a living room or sunroom. Its removable top and inner metal basin make it ideal for holding drinks, potted plants, or even as a display for your favorite collectibles. In a bathroom or spa-inspired setting, it can function as a charming washstand or a place to display decorative soaps and towels. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. This English pine drum table not only offers practicality but also infuses a sense of rustic elegance into your home decor. Its timeless appeal ensures that it will continue to be a cherished piece, adapting to various roles as your living space evolves.
Place of Origin: England
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 24.4" High x 29.5" Top Diameter
Inventory Number: GA55
Price: $1,950