SOLD - Swedish 1850sNeoclassical Style Painted Tall Case Clock with Laurel Wreath Motif

A Swedish Neoclassical style painted tall case clock from the mid 19th century, with original face and mechanisms. Featuring a face that is typical of what are commonly referred to as Mora clocks, this Swedish piece is topped with a delicately arched crest, pierced with glass in the center. Secured behind a single-hinged glass door, the original face showcases Arabic numbers. The neck is discreetly accented with a dentil molding, sitting above a linear, tapering body. This exquisite motif, carved in low-relief on the belly, attracts all the attention. A torch, lit with a flame, is surrounded by a laurel wreath, symbol of victory, the ensemble being placed inside a diamond pattern. The reference to the Greco-Roman antiquity, so dear to the Neoclassical period, is undeniable. The belly opens to reveal the mechanisms. The fluted base on which the clock is raised sees its lines straightened, and rests on four short tapered feet. The clock has its original mechanisms but is not currently in working condition. A quartz crystal could be installed to bring this clock to a working condition for an additional $150. With its elegant Neoclassical lines and lovely painted finish, this Swedish longcase clock circa 1850 will be a exquisite focal point in any room.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 17 3/4"W x 9 3/4"D x 82 3/4"H
Inventory Number: LL135
Price: $6,950