King Size Wood and Upholstery Headboard Made of Antique French Door Molding

A king-size upholstered headboard made from a French antique door molding and covered in plaid fabric. This contemporary headboard features an antique French molded wooden door molding painted in a light color. The clean, simple lines of this wooden frame are beautifully accented by the checkered appearance of the double welt upholstery. Anyone who has even slightly heard of Feng Shui knows the importance of a headboard in a bedroom, the best combination being wood and upholstery. The simplicity of the lines and comfortable presence of the plaid upholstery make this king-size bed headboard a must have for any serene bedroom.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 21st Century
Dimensions: 80"W x 40.5"H
Inventory Number: MM27
Price: $4,950