French Baroque Style 1870s Carved, Painted and Parcel-Gilt Candlestick Lamp

A French Baroque style carved, painted and parcel-gilt wooden pricket candlestick from the third quarter of the 19th century, made into a table lamp, shade included. Born in the later years of France's last Emperor Napoleon III, this exquisite candlestick was made into a table lamp. Featuring a nicely hand carved painted and parcel-gilt stem adorned with Baroque style volutes, this lamp will look wonderful placed against a wall. Consistent with the tradition of the time, the candlestick presents a simpler painted finish in the back and is made to be admired from the front. Wired for the US, the lamp is sold with its shade and the height indicated includes it. With its elegant Baroque lines and refined décor, this French 1870s pricket candlestick made into a lamp will enliven any room beautifully, perhaps placed above a nightstand table, chest-of-drawers or side table.
Place of Origin:
Dimensions: 8"W x 6"D x 40"H (top of shade)
Inventory Number: PP2
Price: $2,500