Petite 19th Century Eastern French Yellow Glazed Pottery Bowls from Innimont

Two small 19th century French yellow glazed pottery drinking bowls from the town of Innimont, with stylized foliage motifs, priced and sold separately $295 each. Created in Eastern France during the 19th century and made to drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate for breakfast, each of these two small pottery bowls features a circular tapering body adorned with a yellow glaze and accented with a charming décor of stylized tree and foliage. One of them showcases the name Innimont in the front and they are both flanked with lateral handles. With their simple décor and soft colors, these two 19th Century Innimont bowls will bring a touch of freshness to any kitchen or dining room.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 5.8" W x 4.2" D x 2.5" H
Inventory Number: PT92
Price: $295 (Each)