1810s French Louis XVI Style Painted and Gilt Trumeau Mirror with Floral Motifs

A French Louis XVI style painted and gilt trumeau mirror with floral motifs from the early 19th century. Born in the tumultuous years of the early 19th century, this French trumeau mirror features a linear cream painted frame. Two pilasters, adorned with interlacing motifs in the upper section and delicate bouquets of flowers at the bottom, surround the mirror plate as well as the exquisite painted floral décor. The vertical accentuation of these pilasters creates a perfect visual harmony. A Louis XVI knot seems to links the mirror plate to the painted panel. The clear glass of this mirror plate is adorned with twisted ribbons and beaded motifs. The ensemble is refined and elegant, yet not overdone. With its tall proportions and lovely colors, this French Louis XVI style trumeau mirror circa 1810 will be a definite focal point in any room, perhaps placed above an enfilade, console table or chest-of-drawers.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 55"W x 85"H
Inventory Number: Q39
Price: $6,950