Set of Three French Vertical Oil on Canvas Louis XVI Style Decorative Panels

A set of three French Louis XVI style oil on canvas decorative panels from the late 19th century depicting scenes of a French fishing village. Each of this set of French decorative panels features an exquisite painted décor, organized vertically around a central medallion. In the upper section, a swag-themed grotesque seems to be holding in its mouth the ribbon-tied medallion that surrounds the main scene. Each panel celebrates a different fishing event. The panel on the left focuses on a red-clothed villager who is proudly presenting us with his catch. He is looking directly at us, making us participants of the scene. The masted ship on the left ingeniously echoes the verticality of the fishing pole. The central panel introduces a neoclassical touch so dear to the Louis XVI style, with a Greco-Roman monument on the right. Note the red color used on the clothes of central character that aims at gently leading the eye from panel to panel. The right panel concludes the ensemble beautifully, with the ship sailing away. The delicate floral décor and urn of the lower section complete the decorative effect. The simplicity of the subject, combined to the delicacy of the décor, will make this set of three French oil on canvas decorative panels circa 1890 a perfect focal point for any living room, dining room or foyer.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th century
Dimensions: 18.25"W x 60"H
Inventory Number: R100
Price: $1,500 (Each)