SOLD - Mother''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Joy by Don Hatfield, Original Contemporary American Beach Painting

SOLD - 'Mother's Joy' is a medium size oil painting created by American contemporary artist Don Hatfield in the 21st century. Featuring an exquisite palette made of blue, purple, pink, white, yellow and orange tones, this painting touches us with its heartwarming scene. Strolling along a beach, their bare feet about to be caressed by the small white waves of the ocean, a mother and child are savoring the simple yet profound joy of spending time together. Her face hidden under a ribbon-tied hat, the mother is extending her arm backwards as her son is slowing down his pace, his eyes focused on the ground. She is holding a wicker basket, possibly dedicated to the seashells that they may be gathering. The result is one of touching simplicity, with its tender depiction of a mother and child enjoying together the beauties of nature. Unframed, this Don Hatfield contemporary oil painting is signed lower right.
Place of Origin: United States
Period: 21th Century
Dimensions: 40" W x 30" H x .75" D
Inventory Number: RR115
Price: $4,950