Summer Moment by Don Hatfield, Original Contemporary Beach Scene Oil Painting - MIZZ

'Summer Moment" is a medium size contemporary original oil painting of horizontal format, created by American artist Don Hatfield in the late 20th century. Featuring lovely palette made of pink, white, yellow and blue tones among others, the painting depicts a peaceful beach scene. In the foreground, a mother is setting up a pink and white umbrella, whose octagonal shape creates a focal point that draws the viewer in. The warm yellow colors of the sand, made of short and energetic strokes reminding us the of Impressionist technique, contrasts beautifully with the colder tonality of the sea and sky. With its exquisite subject and charming palette, this unframed heartwarming Don Hatfield oil painting will enliven any wall beautifully. It is signed lower right.
Place of Origin: United States
Period: 21th Century
Dimensions: 40" W x 30" H x .75" D
Inventory Number: RR116
Price: $5,600