Early 19th Century Medium Size Greek Terracotta Olive Jar with Yellow Glaze

An early 19th century Greek medium size terracotta ribbed olive jar with traces of glaze in the upper section. This olive terracotta jar was born in Greece in the early 1800, where it was used to store olive oil. It features a typically Greek style with its ribbed body, tapering body and narrow neck. The simplicity of the body is highlighted by the presence of the yellow glaze that adorns the upper part of the jar. Used as a decorative object on a chest of drawers, console table or credenza, this Greek olive jar, circa 1800, will also look wonderful as a planter.
Place of Origin: Greece
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 23.75" W x 33.25" H; Mouth of Vessel 9.875"
Inventory Number: RR15
Price: $2,650