Setting of on Her Own (Bird), Contemporary Nature Painting by J Austin Jennings

'Setting of on Her Own (Bird)' is a framed contemporary figurative nature painting created by American artist J Austin Jennings. Featuring a delicate palette, mostly made of blue, green and ochre tones, this vertical format depicts a charming nature scene. The diagonal composition is accented by the presence of the tall tree to the left, that occupies most of the painting's height. The subtle green tones of the foliage are highlighted by an ochre accent that gently leads the eye to the lower section, that reveals the subject of the painting: a beautiful blue bird is flying away, bringing our imagination with it. The beautiful texture of the surface due to the presence of the various layers, gives great life to the ensemble. Set inside a wooden frame, this vertical 21st century painting is signed lower right. Jennifer Austin Jennings, a native of Dayton, Ohio has been an exhibiting artist and art educator for over twenty years. Her close connection with nature provides inspiration for scenic and abstract compositions full of life and movement. Jennings’ work is an intricate arrangement of layers, balanced in a manner that allows the viewer to glimpse each subsequent stratum through the final coat. “I see life in layers. First, subtle spines of under-structure, across which come the visceral movement of shape and form. Next, transparent layers of light and shadow emerge. There is a type of intuitive including or dismissing of the details before me. Finally comes the dawning of soft colors, layered across the foreground and fading to the distant. I paint like this. By choosing versatile acrylic mediums, mixed and manipulated with transparent washes, structural applications and broad flat strokes of pure color, I can share my experience.”
Place of Origin: USA
Period: 21st Century
Dimensions: 32W x 42H
Inventory Number: RR24
Price: $4,950