Large French 1880s Zinc Decorative Clock Face with Roman Numerals and Iron Hands

A French large size zinc decorative clock face with Roman numerals and original hands from the late 19th century. Set within a simple circular frame, this French clock features a nicely weathered face with Roman numerals and exquisite rusty iron hands. In a manner traditional to French clocks, the number four, normally written as IV in Roman numbers, is here shown as a IIII, and this likely to create a perfect visual harmony with the VIII (eight) situated on the other side. Perfect to decorate any walls in a home, this French zinc clock circa 1880 will be a definite focal point, perhaps placed above a sofa, long buffet or credenza.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 46" Diameter
Inventory Number: RR28
Price: $6,950