French 1890s Oil Provençal Painting of a Social Gathering in Shades of Blue

A French late 19th century oil on canvas painting from Aix-en-Provence depicting a social gathering in shades of blue. Born in Southern France during the 1890s, this unframed French horizontal painting depicts a social gathering spread out on two levels and relaxing around a stone monument. A wall separates the two levels, with the monument attracting our attention on the left side of the lower level. The Romanesque arches allow us to focus on a discrete group of modest people who are passing by and are subtly leading our eye to rest of the composition. The faces are merely suggested, the subject being the gathering as opposed to distinct individuals. Perhaps is this a Sunday morning, after mass. Dressed with traditional 19th century costumes, these provençaux are strolling around, lost in their thoughts or engaged in conversations while a man is trying to sell newspapers. The result is a charming scene from Southern France that will bring a touch of rustic elegance to any home, whether placed above a chest-of-drawers, side table or buffet.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 32" W x .75" D x 21.25" H
Inventory Number: RR32
Price: $1,600