SOLD - French 18th Century Painted Panel Depicting an Olive Tree Branch from Arles - PENT

A French 18th century carved and painted wood panel with foliage motifs from Arles, South of France. Born in the Provençale region of France, this carved horizontal panel features a distressed off-white background from which delicate leaves seem to emerge. The sweetness of Provence attracted Vincent Van Gogh who was charmed among other things by the graceful silhouettes of olive trees, making them the subject of several of his paintings. This is not a surprise then, if we see here a simple olive branch depicted along the surface of this panel. Perfect to be used as an overdoor, its charming décor and nicely distressed finish will make this 18th century Arlésien panel a perfect choice for any home.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 51W x 7.5H
Inventory Number: RR33
Price: $1,200