Three Vintage Faux-Book Decorative Boxes from an Italian Winery, circa 1940

Five Italian wood and paper covered faux-book decorative boxes from the mid-20th century, priced and sold separately. We purchased this set of five boxes in Aix en Provence and were immediately charmed by their decorative aspect. Made of a nicely dovetailed wooden structure, these boxes are covered with paper and fabric and tied with delicate blue ribbons. Perfect to organize various documents, they were used for an Italian winery during the 1940s. Each 'book' spine, with its white color tone, creates a decorative effect that will make the box look wonderful in any bookshelf or simply placed on a table top or chest of drawers. We are selling them $385 each.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 11W x 4.5D x 15H
Inventory Number: RR34
Price: $385 (Each)