SOLD: Quiet Morning, Don Hatfield Framed Vertical Interior Scene Oil Painting, 2010s

SOLD: Quiet Morning' is a contemporary framed oil painting created by American artist Don Hatfield (1947 - Present). Featuring a vertical format, this painting depicts an interior scene, centered around a contemplative young woman, her face turned away from us. A book is resting on her knees, she is looking through the window. The subtle, yet colorful palette is made of soft green, yellow, red, pink and purple. While the woman seems to be lost in her thoughts, her loyal furry companion is looking directly at us, inviting us in the scene and making us the witnesses of this quiet morning. Set inside a wooden frame, this vertical oil painting is signed lower right. With its introspective mood and lovely palette, this American contemporary painting will enliven any wall beautifully. Don was born on May 16, 1947 in Long Beach, California. He did not always dream of being an artist. He studied philosophy, theology, and literature. It was not until he met the well-known portraitist, Charles Cross, that he really began to explore his talents as a painter. Cross was impressed with Don's "innate color sense" that was displayed in the soft pastel colors of his oil paintings. In 1979, on the advice of the premier portrait painter Ray Kinstler, Hatfield moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to pursue painting once again. Hatfield eventually moved back to Los Angeles to fulfill his creative potential under the master tutelage of Sergei Bongart, who had a tremendous influence on him. Affected by the new mastery of color on film, in advertising and television, he felt a need for a more intoxicating light, another dimension to the beach attraction. Seeking truth in paint itself, he documented that fleeting essence of the tender, the humorous, and the enchantment of a special moment in time.
Place of Origin: USA
Period: 21st Century
Dimensions: 30" W x 40" H
Inventory Number: RR47
Price: $4,950