Neoclassical Style Mirror Made from 1750s French Door Frames with Carved Décor

Tall painted wood mirror made from mid-18th century French door frame with carved motifs. The mirror features an exquisite linear frame, made from French 1750s door. This general linearity reminds us of the new neoclassical taste that was spreading throughout Europe thanks to the rediscovery of Pompeii and Herculaneum. It is however accented by the delicate movement created by the protruding side posts, adorned with an exquisite rhythm of elegantly carved motifs, topped with stylized pinecones. The cornice shows an impeccable symmetry that brings a lovely visual conclusion to the ensemble. The central mirror plate is clear, providing a perfect reflection. The mirror frame is painted in a soft two-toned palette, that highlights the decorative motifs beautifully. With clean lines and exquisite carved décor, this mirror will enliven any room beautifully, whether used above an enfilade or buffet.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 43"W x 3"D x 56 3/4"H
Inventory Number: RR54
Price: $3,950