Family Joy, Don Hatfield Contemporary Framed Garden Oil on Linen Painting LiL

'Family Joy' is a contemporary framed oil on linen figurative garden painting created by American painter Don Hatfield (1947-present). Featuring an exquisite palette made of green, blue, white, brown and yellow colors, this painting depicts a joyous gathering, centred around a table covered with a white cloth. A woman, wearing a traditional bun, is cutting a baguette while another one, holding her young child in her arms, is warming our hearts with her bright smile. The group to the right is engaged in a lively conversation. The table is adorned with blue China, appetizers, cakes, fruits and red wine, surrounding a central bouquet of flowers. The diagonal of the table positions the viewer to its right side, giving us the impression that we are included in the scene. Set inside an elegant bevelled frame, this American 21st century Don Hatfield garden painting is signed lower right. With its lovely colors, exquisite technique and generous subject, this oil on linen painting will bring a joyous mood to any home. Don was born on May 16, 1947 in Long Beach, California. He did not always dream of being an artist. He studied philosophy, theology, and literature. It was not until he met the well known portraitist, Charles Cross, that he really began to explore his talents as a painter. In his development as an artist, Don had the added influence of modern cinematic interpretation. Affected by the new mastery of color on film, in advertising and television, he felt a need for a more intoxicating light, another dimension to the beach attraction. Seeking truth in paint itself, he documented that fleeting essence of the tender, the humorous, the enchantment of a special moment in time.
Place of Origin: USA
Period: 21st Century
Dimensions: 45" W x 36" H x 2.5" D
Inventory Number: RR75
Price: $6,950