Large 19th Century French Decorative Fan with Chubby Angels on Blue Sky

A large French decorative fan from the 19th century, with angels depicted on a blue clouded sky. Born in France during the ever-changing 19th century, this large decorative fan features a joyous group of chubby angels freely flying in the blue sky above a scene invisible to us. Their lively attitudes, reminiscent of the Baroque style, communicate their joy to us, one of them raising his arms up while another blows into a conch shell, announcing to the world a significant event. The cloudy haze depicted close to the base, contrasts subtly with the cold palette of the sky and highlights the presence of their naked bodies. With its exquisite subject and nice proportions, this 19th century French decorative fan will enliven any wall beautifully, perhaps placed above a commode, sofa or console table.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 43.25" W x 3" D x 23.75" H
Inventory Number: U120
Price: $2,500