French 18th Century Walnut Slant-Front Desk on Three-Drawer Commode en Arbalète

A French Louis XV period walnut slant-front desk on commode from the 18th century, with star inlay, crossbow front and quadrilobe motifs. Born in France during the 18th century, this exquisite walnut desk features a slant-front bureau, adorned in its center with a delicate inlaid star. The desk opens to reveal the writing area, showcasing three concave drawers sitting above three small open shelves and a hidden compartment. The bureau rests on a 'commode en arbalète', a commode with crossbow accents, made of three drawers (two small ones at the top and a larger one below), each adorned with a central recessed quadrilobe surrounded by extended ones. Fitted with exquisite hardware, the commode is decorated with a beautifully carved apron with inlaid motif, and is raised on four legs, the front ones being cabriole. With its graceful silhouette and lovely walnut patina, this Louis XV slant-front desk on commode will bring a touch of French elegance to any home.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 41 1/2"W x 20 1/2"D x 36 3/4"H
Inventory Number: U54
Price: $8,950