French 19th Century Six-Light Crystal Chandelier with Scrolled Brass Armature

A French six-light crystal chandelier from the 19th century, with brass armature, pendeloques and round finial. Born in France during the politically dynamic 19th century, this lovely six-light chandelier features a scrolled brass armature, draped with various pendeloques accented with petite rosettes. Each arm supports a cupped bobèche and its candle sleeve. The centre is decorated with a pyramidal motif, perfectly counterbalanced by the rounded shape of the crystal finial adorning the lower section. With its graceful silhouette and lovely golden tones responding beautifully to the translucency of the crystal motifs, this French 19th century chandelier will brighten up any room, whether placed in a bedroom, living room or foyer. It is wired for the US and ready to be hung.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 19"W x 28 1/4"H
Inventory Number: V43
Price: $4,950