Petite English Footstool with Needlepoint Country Scene Decor in Wedgwood Style

An English petite footstool from the 20th century, adorned with a needlepoint decor reflecting Wedgwood country scenes. Born in England during the 20th century, this lovely footstool charms our eyes with its small proportions and needlepoint decor. Inspired by the Wedgwood & Co production celebrating English country scenes, the footstool uses its circular shape to display huntsmen riding their horses, while the center is accented with hounds chasing a fox. Mounted on a black painted wooden base with petite feet, this English footstool will be a touching decorative addition to any living room or bedroom.
Place of Origin: England
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 11" Diameter x 4" H
Inventory Number: VAB12
Price: $95