Petite English Victorian Period 19th Century Carved Wooden Bird Sculpted Group

A petite antique English Victorian period small carved wooden sculpted group from the 19th century depicting two small birds nesting with each other and accented with orange paint. Created in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, this very small sculpture charms us with its heartwarming depiction of two petite birds nesting with each other. Perhaps are they warming themselves or protecting their eggs. Forming one and united at the base, they are looking in each other's direction. Delicately carved, they are accented with orange paint on their beak. They are carved on all sides, including in the back where their tails are perfectly responding to one another. Petite but cute, this English Victorian period bird sculpted group from the 19th century will make for a lovely decorative addition to any home, used on a desk top as a paperweight or placed on a commode, side table or bookshelf.
Place of Origin:
Dimensions: 1.25"H X 1.5"D x 1.75" W
Inventory Number: VAB85
Price: $125