French Framed Still-Life Oil Painting Depicting a Bouquet of Flowers, circa 1850

A French framed oil on canvas still-life painting from the mid-19th century, depicting a colorful bouquet of flowers in a vase, set in a carved giltwood frame. Born in France at the beginning of Emperor Napoleon III's reign, this vertical oil on canvas painting features a lively bouquet of pink and red flowers displayed inside a Medicis vase, adorned with gadroons on its belly. The scene is sparkled with classical references, particularly obvious in the marble statue depicted on the right side and the repetition of the vase on high pedestal on the left side of the composition. The cold-colored background and neutral tones of the stone elements, allow the flowers to Stand out beautifully, making this framed French oil on canvas painting circa 1850 an excellent choice to enliven any wall, perhaps hung above a commode, console table or demilune.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 28"W x 32"H
Inventory Number: W66
Price: $4,950