English 20th Century Iron Armillary Held by the Titan Atlas on Stone Pedestal

An English iron armillary depicting Atlas carrying the world from the early 20th century, with carved stone pedestal. Created in England during the 20th century, this armillary features the figure of the Titan Atlas, condemned to carry the sky on his shoulders for eternity. Casually placing his left hand on his waist and bending slightly backwards in a powerful movement, Atlas raises effortlessly the sphere made of various rings and an arrow pointing upwards. Resting on a tall stone base with carved rosette, this 20th century English iron armillary will make for a great decorative addition to any garden!
Place of Origin: England
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 34.5"W x 21"D x 61.75"H
Inventory Number: WW121
Price: $3,950