Neoclassical 1820s, Tuscan Upholstered Wooden Bench with Classical Figures

A Tuscan neoclassical upholstered carved wood bench from the early 19th century. Coming from an Italian villa in Siena, this bench was built in the 1820s during the elegant neoclassical period. Featuring a tall straight solid upholstered back, the bench is flanked with straight arms supported by two female termes (the caryatid looking characters, whose bodies become pillars instead of legs). The top rail is adorned with delicately carved palmettes and garlands. With its clean lines, old paint and light color palette, this Italian 1820s sofa will bring a wonderful classical elegance to any room.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 73 3/8" L x 25 1/2" Arm Height x 17 5/8" Seat Height x 42" Back Height x 21 5/8" Seat Depth x 25" Overall Depth
Inventory Number: X151D
Price: $12,950