Swedish Gustavian Period 1790s Blue Painted Wall Hanging Corner Cabinet

A Swedish Gustavian period painted wood wall hanging corner cabinet from the late 18th century, with blue paint, single door and weathered appearance. Created in Sweden during the last decade of the 18th century, this wall hanging corner cabinet captures our attention with its well distressed blue color and great rustic character. Topped with a shaped plank, the cabinet features a single door in the front, with lots of wood coming through, opening to reveal inner shelves offering storage opportunities. The façade is painted with a blue color showcasing a great weathered appearance. The Gustavian style takes its roots in the Louis XVI era. Swedish King Gustav III resided in 1771 in Paris, at the beginning stages of the Louis XVI style. There, he was inspired by French art and fashion. With that in his luggage, he had a strong desire to introduce something similar in Sweden. The country had fine craftsmen with high quality craftsmanship, who produced a simple style with harmonious aesthetics. The Gustavian style was born and has been in vogue ever since. It is incredibly popular, especially in England but also in France and in the USA. Price and age are of course inextricably linked, the older and rarer, the higher the price! With its small proportions and great rustic character, this Swedish Gustavian period wall hanging corner cabinet circa 1790 will bring a pop of color to any home, particularly placed in a kitchen!
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 37"W x 23"D x 36"H
Inventory Number: XX159
Price: $2,950