SOLD - Louis XVI Style French Walnut Desk with Leather Top and Carved Fluted Legs

SOLD - A French Louis XVI style walnut desk with leather top, pull-outs on the sides, two drawers, carved fluted legs and brass trim. Steeped in timeless French elegance, this Louis XVI style walnut desk, hailing from the 20th century, is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic design. Its walnut frame is harmoniously complemented by a luxurious brown leather top—both functional and sophisticated. The leather, exuding an air of vintage refinement, is outlined by a gilt trim, lending an extra layer of opulence to this already striking piece. Featuring two seamlessly integrated drawers, this desk offers ample storage. On each side, pull-outs offer additional work space or a convenient resting spot for important documents. The desk stands on carved fluted legs, quintessential of the Louis XVI style, enhancing its regal presence. With an apron height of 23.75 inches, it provides comfortable legroom, ensuring functionality doesn't compromise form. Perfectly suited for a stately home office or a refined study nook, this desk is an invitation to focus and create, enveloped in luxury. In contemporary settings, it acts as an anchor of tradition, effortlessly blending the grace of yesteryears with today's dynamic lifestyles.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 43.4"W x 23.7"D x 30"H. Apron 23.75"
Inventory Number: XX218
Price: $5,950