Deer in the Woods by August Specht Circa 1917

An intimate oil painting of two deer in the woods in an old fir tree frame. The painting depicts the intimacy of a couple of deer resting in the heart of the woods protected by the foliage. August Specht was a German natural history artist. He was a pupil of Heinrich Lapple and Albert Kappis. in 1898, he published a book about painting wildlife, "The Tierbilder-Buch" with heavy descriptions on the animals he studied and painted. He was also a published artist for numerous publications such as "Brehms Tierleben" and "Die Gartenlaube". Specht family is a family of artists including wood engraver Carl Gottlob Specht and the illustrator Friedrich Specht.
Place of Origin: Germany
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 32.25"H x 44"W x 1"D
Inventory Number: XX223
Price: $2,450