19th Century French Carved Oak Wall Fragment Depicting Scientific Instruments

A French carved oak wall sculpture from the 19th century, depicting scientific instruments. Those instruments include a globe, compass, spyglass and quill. Embracing the intricate artistry of 19th-century French craftsmanship, this carved oak wall sculpture is a captivating ode to the era of Enlightenment and scientific discovery. Masterfully rendered, the relief showcases essential scientific instruments: a globe hinting at the age of exploration, a compass signifying direction, a spyglass symbolizing far-reaching vision, and a quill, the quintessential instrument of knowledge documentation. Flat-backed and carved from resilient oak, its rich, dark tones and impeccable detailing make this piece a historical and artistic marvel. The ensemble of instruments, harmoniously intertwined, offers a rich narrative, reflecting the reverence for science and exploration during the period. Such a unique sculpture could be displayed in a study or library, reminding viewers of the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Or, positioned in a hallway or living area, it's a conversation starter, bridging past innovations with contemporary living. A treasure for aficionados of history, science, or art, this piece celebrates the symbiotic relationship between the disciplines.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 11.75"H x 4"D x 8.5"W
Inventory Number: XX239
Price: $1,150