French 19th Century Pastel on Canvas Still-Life Painting with Citrus in Bowl

A French still-life pastel on canvas painting from the 19th century depicting citrus in a bowl, a jug and a silver container. Transport yourself to the bountiful still-life world of 19th-century France with this captivating French pastel on canvas painting. A masterful display of artistic skill and creativity, this painting showcases a vibrant arrangement of citrus fruits in a bowl, a chevrette (a piriform ceramic water jug), and a silver container. With its almost impressionistic touch, the painting captures the essence of the citrus fruits, which overflow the bowl and cascade onto the table below. The artist's attention to detail is evident in the intricate depiction of the textures and colors of each fruit, from the smoothness of the peels to the juicy flesh inside. The vivid colors of the citrus fruits bring a sense of freshness and vibrancy to the composition. Balancing the composition to the right, the chevrette, a charming ceramic water jug, adds a touch of rustic elegance. Its distinctive shape and light tones complement the vibrant citrus fruits and add visual interest to the painting. Alongside the chevrette, a silver container gleams with a subtle sheen, adding a touch of refinement to the arrangement. The background of the painting features an oblique fabric with hints of blue, red, yellow, and brown tones, creating a harmonious backdrop that enhances the overall composition. This subtle touch adds depth and dimension to the painting, drawing the viewer's gaze to the focal point—the abundant display of citrus fruits. This French still-life pastel on canvas painting captures the essence of a moment in time, inviting the viewer to appreciate the beauty and abundance of nature. With its masterful technique, vibrant colors, and expertly arranged composition, this painting is a lovely example of 19th-century French art.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 17.75"H x 20.75"W
Inventory Number: XX245
Price: $1,250