French Louis XVI Style 19th Century Painted Fauteuil with Abundant Carved Décor DLW

A French Louis XVI style painted wood armchair from the 19th century with carved décor including twisted rope motifs, acanthus leaves, rosettes and petite beads. Step into the era of French elegance with this 19th-century Louis XVI style painted armchair, a tasteful fusion of artistic detailing and timeless design. An embodiment of ornate craftsmanship, this French armchair is replete with beautifully carved décor, including twisted rope motifs, acanthus leaves, rosettes, and petite beads, elevating the chair's aesthetic appeal. At the helm of this intricate design are open arms with scrolling extremities, that flow seamlessly into the chair's structure, inviting one to sink into its inviting embrace. Adding a touch of grandeur are petite finials adorned with foliage, positioned gracefully on the upper rail. The chair sits on fluted legs, a classic element of the Louis XVI style, giving it a strong stance. The overall design is enhanced by a nicely distressed painted finish, enhancing its charm. The used red-colored upholstery, worn and in fair condition but holding onto its vibrancy, offers a warm, inviting contrast to the wood. This French Louis XVI style painted armchair is not merely a seat; it's a striking piece of history that promises to add a dash of classical French elegance to any setting. Its intricate carvings, regal design, and antique charm make it a coveted piece for antique furniture enthusiasts and interior designers alike.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 24"W x 22"D x 35"H
Inventory Number: XX252
Price: $1,950 (Each)