SOLD Still-Life Oil Painting Depicting a Bouquet of Roses, Signed Müller Heydenreich

SOLD - A still-life oil on canvas painting from the early 20th century depicting a bouquet of roses in a pitcher possibly by Martha Müller Heydenreich (born in 1882). Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of this early 20th-century still-life oil painting on canvas, likely attributed to German artist Martha Müller Heydenreich. The painting skillfully depicts a bouquet of roses, radiating a sense of serene elegance and natural charm. The central motif of the painting is a bouquet of roses, their delicate petals artfully arranged in a green-glazed pitcher. The meticulous detailing of the roses, from their velvety texture to their gentle gradations of color, creates an atmosphere of tranquility and grace. Accentuating this tranquil scene are a few roses that have gently fallen onto the table top, their petals scattering around, adding a sense of motion and life. The background, executed in a neutral palette, provides an ideal backdrop that allows the vibrant colors of the roses and the pitcher to stand out. This clever interplay of color and composition exudes an inviting warmth, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the scene. In the lower right corner, the signature 'M. Müller Heydenreich' stands as a testament to the probable origin of this exquisite work. The painting is carefully preserved on canvas, which is then mounted on a board, ensuring its longevity and aesthetic appeal. Adding an extra layer of sophistication is the rosewood frame that houses the painting. Its refined brass inlay detail further enhances the visual appeal of the artwork, offering a delightful contrast to the soft pastel tones of the painting. This early 20th-century still-life oil painting captures not only the beauty of roses but also the inherent charm and sophistication of Martha Müller Heydenreich's artistic style. An ideal addition to any art collection or a stylish enhancement to your home décor.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 28.75"W x 0.8"D x 37.5"H
Inventory Number: XX258
Price: $1,950