English 19th Century Victorian Locking Tantalus with Three Cut Glass Decanters

An English Victorian period wooden tantalus from the 19th century, with three cut glass decanters, key locking mechanism and silver metal accents. Created in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, this tantalus was designed to display the very fine cut glass three decanters while preventing unauthorised people from drinking the contents. The name refers to the temptations of the Greek mythological character Tantalus. Our tantalus is made of a wooden structure adorned with silver metal accents. Once released thanks to the key on the side, the top opens up to free the three decanters with faceted spherical toppers. The base is mounted on a petite plinth and is decorated with silvered metal, floral themed cartouches. With its ingenious design, very fine quality and complimenting colors, this English Victorian period tantalus from the 19th century will make for a lovely decorative addition to any home, placed in a dining room or living room.
Place of Origin: England
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 12"H x 5.75"D x 14.5"W
Inventory Number: XX266
Price: $1,750