Austrian Oil Painting by Anton Brioschi Depicting a Hamlet Along a Stream

An Austrian unframed oil on canvas painting by Anton Brioschi (30 November 1855, Vienna - 31 August 1920, Vienna) depicting a humble hamlet placed along a stream, with discreet figures engaged in everyday life activities. Created in Austria during the Turn of the Century (19th to 20th), this oil on canvas painting depicts a humble and peaceful scene. Framed by trees and shrubs in the foreground, the composition focuses on the body of water in the center, reflecting the light of the slightly overcast sky above. To the left, a humble hamlet is the setting for an everyday life scene, with a maiden washing clothes in the stream, another one standing in front of the door. Some clothes are hanging on a wire on the side of the house. Playing on the contrast between dark and light areas, the painting exudes an undeniable air of peace. Anton Brioschi was a scenic designer as well as a graphic artist. His non-theatrical works were mostly landscapes and marine art. This painting is unframed and signed in red lower right. With its humble scene and skillful depiction, this oil on canvas painting by Anton Brioschi will make for a charming addition to any home, perhaps placed above a side table.
Place of Origin: Austria
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 39.25" Wide x 27.5" High
Inventory Number: XX333A
Price: $975