Swedish 1790s European Pine Sawbuck Table with Drawer and Double X-Form Legs

A rustic Swedish European pine sawbuck trestle table circa 1790 with double X-Form base, long drawer and weathered patina. Embrace the beauty of rustic simplicity with this charming Swedish European pine sawbuck trestle table from the late 18th century, that effortlessly blends functionality and history. The double X-form base, a Classic design element of trestle tables, lends the piece an air of rugged elegance, while also providing sturdy support for the tabletop. Weathered patina enhances the table's character, telling the story of its journey through time and revealing the patterns in the pine's grain. The texture and natural tones of the wood are a testament to the table's durability and timeless appeal. The long drawer integrated into the table's design showcases the union of style and practicality. This unassuming yet highly functional feature allows for convenient storage of table small linens, utensils, or other dining essentials, seamlessly blending the table's rustic charm with modern-day practicality. This rustic Swedish European pine sawbuck trestle table, circa 1790, with its double X-form base, long drawer, and weathered patina, is a delightful reminder of the beauty found in simplicity. The table's rugged elegance and storied past make it a perfect addition to any dining space, adding warmth and character to both casual meals and more formal gatherings alike.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 69.5"W x 37.75"D x 29"H
Inventory Number: XX354
Price: $6,950